The Growing Green project is a valuable initiative funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program that has been designed to promote green entrepreneurial mindsets in vocational education and training. The main objective of this project is to encourage the adoption of circular economy and green capital concepts among students, by enhancing their awareness and knowledge about these topics.

The project is aligned with the European strategy that prioritizes the promotion of circular economy and green entrepreneurship competences. It aims to develop related competencies in VET students, which can help them to become more aware of the environmental challenges and create sustainable solutions.

The project focuses on reinforcing green entrepreneurship competencies in accordance with the EntreComp definition of entrepreneurship. This means that the project will aim to develop a set of skills, knowledge, and attitudes that are essential for green entrepreneurs to succeed in the market.

Moreover, the Growing Green project aims to create an experiential workplace-based model of teaching green entrepreneurship to VET organizations. The project will help to establish a strong connection between VET institutions and local businesses of different sectors. This connection will help to boost the quality of green entrepreneurship education in VET institutions, and create a flow of cooperation between VET institutions and local businesses.

Overall, the Growing Green project is a highly beneficial initiative that aims to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required for green entrepreneurship among VET students. The project’s objectives are aligned with the European strategy on circular economy and green entrepreneurship, and it is expected to make a significant contribution to promoting sustainable economic growth and reducing environmental impact.

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